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  • Life today can feel overwhelming & hopeless.  Students are impacted by a number of factors beyond their control: unresolved trauma, relational issues, emotional outbursts, lack of affordable housing/food/work, mental health needs...the list goes on & on.  All of these factors can negatively impact a student's ability to achieve their academic best, but they don't have to.  Assistance to address these factors & many others are available to 青涩直播 Worth ISD students.  

     The department of Intervention Services employs a collection of licensed mental health professionals that are readily available to assist students in a variety of ways.  Our mission is to equip students with healthy coping strategies & resources, empowering them to maintain a healthy level of functioning in life & to improve performance in the classroom.


    -individual and/or group counseling
    -crisis intervention
    -peer mediation
    -nurture groups
    -restorative circles
    -social skills instruction
    -leadership development
    -transitional support
    -strengths assessment 
    -comprehensive, holistic assessment of needs
    -development of a service plan to address needs (both academic & non-academic) 
    -progress monitoring
    -classroom observations & feedback
    -data reviews
    -increased focus on parent engagement, improved attendance, reduction in discipline referrals & increased academic achievement
    -support achievement of 3rd grade reading goal*
    *for youngest students
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  • Intervention Services

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